Embarking on My Journey: 12th Grade

Designed for 12th grade students to assist them with organizational tools and guidance in navigating the application process with minimal stress. Through in person meetings scheduled throughout the school year and support between meetings, My Pathway to CollegeTM will assist seniors with how to navigate the admissions process. These pathway meetings will include:

  • Selecting their ideal college matches
  • Reaching out to colleges to set up interviews, visit colleges, and show demonstrated interest
  • Putting together an application timeline (determining which colleges to apply to with early action, early decision, and regular decision)
  • Staying on top of deadlines
  • Preparing students for interviews
  • Assisting with financial aid guidance or scholarship applications
  • Brainstorming essays
  • Perfecting and providing essay feedback
  • Assisting with recommendation letters
  • Breaking up applications and essays into manageable deadlines and reviewing applications prior to submission
  • Sending off testing results to each college
  • Managing applications, creating college portals, and ensuring all application materials are received
  • Email updates to colleges with any additional new information during the senior year (increase in grades, additional extracurricular activities/awards, etc.)
  • Assistance with choosing the best fit college from the student’s acceptances

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