Jen’s Guide to College Admissions Live Course

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Are you approaching high school graduation? Are you beginning to research college options? With all of the education choices available, picking the right college for yourself can appear quite overwhelming. Searching for a perfect match demands extensive research regarding various characteristics of each potential school, as well as a good amount of self-reflection to … Read More

Understanding College Admissions in the COVID-19 Era

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The COVID-19 pandemic is leaving high school students and their families with a lot of uncertainty. The overarching question on everyone’s mind right now is:  What will the recent changes mean for college admissions moving forward?  In response to these questions, My Pathway to College and local colleague, Dori Middlebrook, hosted a webinar about … Read More

Appealing Your Financial Aid Award

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If your first choice college offers everything you want but the price tag is making you cringe, don’t give up hope; consider appealing your financial aid award. While colleges and universities won’t encourage such an appeal, the financial aid officers are empowered to make adjustments, if deemed warranted. To appeal, do the following: Do … Read More

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