Wallowing on the Waitlist

Uh-oh. Your eagerly-awaited decision letter from Dream University finally arrives and you learn that you’ve been offered not the hoped-for place in the class, but a spot on their waitlist. What should you do now? Your first step is to carefully consider the rest of your college acceptances and determine which of these provides … Read More

Financial Matters: Keeping College Application Costs In Check

Applying to college can be a costly proposition. According to U.S. News and World Reports, the average college application fee charged by colleges is $42, with more than a quarter of schools charging $50 or more. Add in the cost of standardized test score reports and, at some high schools, fees for transcript requests, … Read More

Applying Early Decision

Traditionally, college application deadlines were often in January. More recently, however, there has been a push for earlier applications, with admission programs that include Early Action, Early Action II, Early Decision I, Early Decision II and even a few Single Choice Early Action programs enticing applicants with the promise of earlier decisions and possibly … Read More