There is no one-size-fits-all template for advising students, as each student has a different pathway. After a careful set of assessments, My Pathway to CollegeTM will work to encourage, guide, and motivate your student to put his or her best foot forward in the college admissions process.

My Pathway to CollegeTM takes the stress out of applying to colleges by breaking down the process into manageable timelines on how to discover, navigate, and explore a student’s pathway to college. Call My Pathway to CollegeTM for a consultation meeting to determine which pathway package will be the best fit for your student based on his/her college and career interests.


Making the Most of Virtual Tours

One of the many rites of passage for college-bound high school students is the college tour. Although the COVID pandemic has brought most options for on-campus tours to a grinding halt, this should not prevent high school students from continuing to ‘visit’ their many colleges of interest in ways that have been second-nature... Read More

How Will Colleges Make Decisions This Year?

There have been so many challenges and disruptions to our everyday lives since the COVID pandemic started its deadly march across the world. This article addresses the special circumstances for students who are engaged in their high school academics and extracurricular activities, college-bound juniors, and seniors in particular. For this group of young... Read More


The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the primary form used by colleges to determine eligibility for need-based aid. In some cases, colleges will not consider an applicant for merit aid unless that student has first submitted a FAFSA. The FAFSA should be filed as soon as possible after October 1st... Read More

Jen’s Guide to College Admissions Live Course

Are you approaching high school graduation? Are you beginning to research college options? With all of the education choices available, picking the right college for yourself can appear quite overwhelming. Searching for a perfect match demands extensive research regarding various characteristics of each potential school, as well as a good amount of self-reflection... Read More